Super Healthy Swedish Pet Food

Quality food

Besides our guarantee of high quality products and factories that has left many of our customers satisfied with Husse, we have product sheets that give insight to:

  • composition
  • analytical constituants
  • additives
  • metabolised energy
  • digestibility
  • general information about the product

Our veterinarians and nutrition experts are always testing the composition of our food in order to improve its quality. 

Research in our Pet Research Centre does not contribute in any harmful food research as it is abides by an animal friendly policy that Husse has encouraged.

By not allowing ‘harmful food research’, what we mean is that our animals never suffer from medical or surgical procedures. 

Recently Viewed
Valp Sensitive: 15 kg

Valp Sensitive: 15 kg

Specially formulated for puppies with sensitive digestive systems
Aptit Chicken: 12 x 70g (Box)

Aptit Chicken: 12 x 70g (Box)

Tasty fresh chicken in gravy.
Senior Mini: 7 kg

Senior Mini: 7 kg

Specially developed for older dogs of smaller breeds
Husse Dog Clicker

Husse Dog Clicker

Simple and effective training method.
Valp Maxi

Valp Maxi

Specially developed for puppies of larger breeds.